An emoji guide for your commit messages


Improving structure / format of the code.


Improving performance.


Removing code or files.


Fixing a bug.


Critical hotfix.


Introducing new features.


Writing docs.


Deploying stuff.


Updating the UI and style files.


Initial commit.


Updating tests.


Fixing security issues.


Fixing something on macOS.


Fixing something on Linux.


Fixing something on Windows.


Fixing something on Android.


Fixing something on iOS.


Releasing / Version tags.


Removing linter warnings.


Work in progress.


Fixing CI Build.


Downgrading dependencies.


Upgrading dependencies.


Pinning dependencies to specific versions.


Adding CI build system.


Adding analytics or tracking code.


Refactoring code.


Work about Docker.


Adding a dependency.


Removing a dependency.


Changing configuration files.


Internationalization and localization.


Fixing typos.


Writing bad code that needs to be improved.


Reverting changes.


Merging branches.


Updating compiled files or packages.


Updating code due to external API changes.


Moving or renaming files.


Adding or updating license.


Introducing breaking changes.


Adding or updating assets.


Updating code due to code review changes.


Improving accessibility.


Documenting source code.


Writing code drunkenly.


Updating text and literals.


Performing database related changes.


Adding logs.


Removing logs.


Adding contributor(s).


Improving user experience / usability.


Making architectural changes.


Working on responsive design.


Mocking things.


Adding an easter egg.


Adding or updating a .gitignore file.


Adding or updating snapshots.


Experimenting new things.


Improving SEO.


Work about Kubernetes.


Adding or updating types (Flow, TypeScript).